Our Company

Michelessi S.r.l marmi since 1976

Michelessi S.r.l. since 1976 it continues to confirm the quality of its products and to guarantee the search for new solutions that respond to market demands.

Michelessi SRL realizes custom projects, marble installations for interior design and outdoor of the highest level

The strength of the company largely reflects the possibility of requesting tailor-made products; Thanks to our team of experts, let us advise you with new ideas and in step with the times, you can request a unique product that perfectly suits your needs.

Our designers make 3D renderings to better understand the final result to the customer.

Realization of all types starting from a simple marble threshold to the most complex projects.

For years we have been making marble, sloped floors, exterior and interior claddings for large and small buildings, marble bathrooms, outdoor and indoor masonry kitchen, swimming pools, outdoor lounges, marble tables and much more. In addition, the company is also specialized in producing high-design fireplaces, to meet the increasingly innovative and extravagant ideas of architects and interior designers.

Wood, gas, electric or bioethanol fireplaces. Within the site you can also find all the products related to heating such as stoves, fireplaces, boilers and much more.

For all the marble work you just need to contact us to request a free quote, our experts will welcome your request and will prepare a quote that can then be discussed with the customer in every part to find the best solution.

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