How to Order

The customer can only purchase the products in the electronic catalog and viewable on the website


Ordering is quite simple: simply select the product you want to view directly from the homepage or choose the desired line from the Products section.


It will open a page with images of the products and their costs: already from here you can order the product chosen by clicking on the image of the cart, if you need to have some more information, clicking on the product of interest you are redirected a complete page of image, article code, description, inci and relative price. For some products there are the certifications and a document of in-depth study on some characteristics of the product.


To add the chosen product to the cart you need to choose the quantity and click on the ADD TO CART button.


You will be directed to a new page showing the list of products chosen, the price of transport and the total of the cart. If you have a coupon, you must enter it at the end of the page and you can choose whether to CONTINUE SHOPPING and choose other products or if you want to end the purchase by clicking on the GO TO CASH button.


On the new section choose the payment method and click on CONFIRM AND GO NEXT.


On the new page enter the required data: surname, name, address and street number, Region / Province / Municipality of residence, email address and telephone number. Insert a check mark in case of request for a gift box, which is a gift offered to our customers. Moreover, if you have a VAT number, fill in the dedicated fields. At the end of the page it is necessary to insert a check mark to accept our terms of sale and privacy protection, and our newsletter service. Click on the CONFIRM AND GO NEXT button to complete the order.


In the new section you will find the summary of the order with the list of products chosen, the related costs and the total order. Click on CONFIRMATION AND PURCHASE (in case of COD or Bank Transfer) or CONFIRM AND PAY WITH PAYPAL


At the end of this procedure a message appears indicating your order number, the type of payment chosen and the copy of your order in pdf. The copy of the order is sent to the email address indicated during the purchase procedure and, subsequently, the purchase invoice and the shipping number for tracking your package


Keep the order number assigned for any communications regarding this.